Please note: do not use any third-party clone plugins as they could overwrite our system settings and break your site.

Free Import Service

If you need help, you can use our free import service and we’ll do it for you.

Or you can import your existing websites  by following the steps below. 

It’s easiest to do if the websites are live and working on an existing domain.

How To Easily Transfer Your Existing Blog

Exporting the Database:

  1. Update WordPress to the latest version, update all plugins and themes, disable all security and admin plugins, delete pending and trashed comments, remove all inactive themes and plugins. This is Important!
  2. Install and activate the plugin Migrate DB. 
  3. Find the plugin under 'Tools' in the WP menu
  4. Untick 'Compress with Gzip' option
  5. In the first row of the Find / Replace section.  Update the Replace option with
  6. In the next Replace option add: /var/www/
  7. Click Export.  Right-click and Compress (Zip-up) the downloaded SQL file.

Please note:  the SQL file cannot contain the create database and use statements for the existing database other wise it will fail.

Exporting the Files:

  1. Go to your cPanel hosting provider
  2. Login to cPanel and select File Manager
  3. Click on the Folder WP is in (public_html) then on the options above click Compress and name it.
  4. Click on the generated Zip file and download.

Importing the files and database:

  • Log in to the platform
  • Click 'Import Website'
  • Upload the zipped Files and zipped Database (SQL). 
  • Select your region, add the domain name, select DNS preference, Group, and Name and then click 'Add Website'.
  • Login to your Registrar and update the DNS configuration.