Once you have created your subscription you will be directed to the below dashboard screen.

To add a new website, click Add Website then you will then see a popup as seen below.

Here you can add and make selections based on your needs for the website.

Region: Select the location of the data centre where the website is to be hostedWe provide access to more than 22 data centers across 13 selectable worldwide locations.

Domain: Enter your new domain without https:// and choose between www and non-www.

DNS Preference: Manage the DNS for the website how you prefer. Select to 'Manage Locally' (on the platform) or 'Manage Externally'

Group: Groups enable you to save sites into groups. You can have different groups for things like Health, Dentists, Business, Home etc. 

Name: Name your website anything you like.

What are you waiting for? Get your first website added!